Abigail Houseman. 21. Panicked Postgraduate. Professional Opinion Giver.

If you’re on this page you either A) have been intrigued by the short about on the main page or B) have not seen that.

If B, go read that.

If A, here are some more random facts.  Once I was trapped in a bank’s stairwell in Montreal.  I like lions, caramel chocolate, revolutions, and 20th century detective fiction.  I do not like spiders, the dark, or the novel Enduring Love by Ian McEwan.  I was born and raised in Leeds, Yorkshire, and now currently reside in the deepest darkest Midlands, namely Nottingham.  Having finished an English and History degree from the University of Nottingham, she is desperately clinging on to the student life (though mainly for the academics rather than the binge drinking) and at this moment in time will presumably carry on until someone from the English Department tells her to leave.

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