In two weeks my family is going on holiday to Faro in Portugal which means a week of doing nothing but sitting in the sun by the pool and reading a load of books.  Now, I have been slowly trying to decide which books to take (apparently a suitcase full may be pushing it slightly) and trying to balance between taking some 500 pagers that will take up less room or maximising the time with a lot of the smaller selections which get lost on my shelves.  I’ll let you know how I get on with that one but some choices which were much easier were some recommendations for my mum.  As the bookish one in the family I essentially own a lending library for my family and am constantly trying to foist books onto them all, so when my mum asked me if I had any holiday appropriate books, I jumped at a chance to hand over some.  A small disclaimer is that these are just picked out of the books I have on my shelves at the moment so these books are not “recent” recent, but they do look pretty cute stacked together.

  1. Lets Pretend This Never Happened- Jenny Lawson
    Published in 2012, this was the literary debut for Jenny Lawson, known on the internet at The Bloggess.  I remember when this was just being announced and I can’t quite believe its been five years already!  This, and the sequel Furiously Happy, both detail Lawson’s bizarre and hilarious upbringing from childhood to early adulthood which really does have to be read to be believed.  The reason I chose this one was because I think Mum will love Lawson’s funny style and perhaps this is also a thank you for not raising me in the countryside (Lawson writes about the time she was taught to artificially inseminate a cow because agriculture and Texas??  Seriously, just read the book.)
  2.  Sofia Khan is Not Obliged- Ayisha Malik 
    Bear with me here.  My mum and I love Bridget Jones’ Diary.  Books and films we love them all and many a time my mum has said she can imagine me as Bridget (which I don’t know whether to be offended about).  So, when Leena Norms over on Youtube channel JustKissMyFrog said this was practically a Muslim version of Bridget Jones, I had to read it.  And I loved it.  The basic plot follows Sofia Khan as she attempts to navigate the world of dating as a Muslim in order to write a tell-all novel about the Muslim dating scene, featuring mishaps in her publishing job, her brilliant (and yet sometimes breaking down) friends, and a unnervingly grumpy neighbour….  I am 80% certain I am going to get my hands on the sequel to read while my mum reads the first so I can just pass it straight onto her to keep going.
  3. The Improbability of Love- Hannah Rothschild
    In the same year as Sofia Khan, another book making the rounds of Booktube was The Improbability of Love.  To say Annie McDee was unlucky in love would be an understatement.  This begins to change however after she stumbles upon a painting in a second-hand shop and unleashes the whirlwind that is the London and international art world, all with eyes on gaining the prize of a lost 18th century masterpiece.  Shortlisted for The Baileys Women’s Prize for fiction in 2016, I was surprised it took a while for this book to grab me as everyone seemed to love it.  However from the moment the painting’s point of view was revealed, I was hooked and really enjoyed the rest of the novel.  It has the romantic edge looked for in a beach read but also has enough action for my mum, who does enjoy a good thriller.  

So there are my three recommendations for my mum’s holiday reads.  What do you think?  What would be your three picks? Any ideas for what I should take?  Let me know!