When you think of holidays, you can be forgiven the fact that middle-of-nowhere Bavaria may not immediately spring to mind.   Up until three years ago it had never occurred to me either.

A bit of context for you.  Roughly three years ago, my auntie turned up to our house and announced her husband had been given a temporary contract to go and work in Schweinfurt, Germany for a few years and them and my two cousins were off.  This was the auntie and cousins I had seen every Monday evening for seven years, so their absence was a bit of a shock at first, but then I went to uni and everything was a bit of a shock.  Now where were they going to live?  Berlin? Munich? Somewhere near the Alps? Perhaps a short drive to France, or Austria, or Switzerland even?  Nope.  There is a place called Wurzbug:


They don’t live here.   This is Schweinfurt in relation to Wurzburg:


They don’t live here either.  No, they live in the exciting, the wild, the vibrant: Unterspiesheim!


Yep. I mean I wouldn’t say it was a hub of modernity but there is an ice cream shop so what more do you really need?

We have also been to every airport in the central German area: Frankfurt, Baden Baden, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, you name it, we have trailed suitcases through it.

Ever since they moved we have called dibs on Easter weekend because its the one time every can jostle their schedules so we actually get to see our cousins and no one managed to push us out of our designated spot.  This is great as the weather is usually nice and we can have an Easter egg hunt.  I may be 20 years old but I’ll be damned if I let a 10 year old beat me at finding all the eggs fastest.  This does mean, however, that for the past three years there have been photos put up on Facebook of me bowling over my younger cousin.

It’s surprisingly sweet rolling through the German countryside.  It’s way more flat than back home and there wasn’t as much farm-life as I was expecting but the vast expanses of green do make me feel like I am in  the middle of nowhere which is freeing.  This trip we visited a lot of castles which Bavaria is famed for and even though I couldn’t read any of the signs, my cousins were ready and willing to give translating a go.  Also I’m a sucker for some history so this made me very happy.


Something more alarming was that we also went to a beer tent in the middle of a car park in a random village and a couple got up on stage and sang 80s rock for us.  It’s a memory I’ll treasure forever.


I think the weirdest thing is only seeing my cousins once a year.  These are people I spent a lot of time watching grow up but since they moved they have remained the same in my memory.  This was the first year I looked at my 12 year old cousin and thought: who are you? You can’t be 12 already?! Since when did you care about how you looked when going out with family? What happened to you liking Dora the Explorer??? It is pretty great that we can now talk about Harry Potter though and it did confront a fact I have been denying for a while: I am getting older too.  But this doesn’t mean they’ve totally grown up yet (or me- see above about Easter egg hunts) and playing I-Spy on a famous wine bridge proved more fun that I remember it being as a kid.

I think oddly I’m going to miss going to random places in Bavaria but it will be nice to have my family back in walking distance.  Have you been anywhere that you’d never considered but it turned out really great?