Well hello there.

So I haven’t blogged in a while.  Just over 6 weeks to be precise.  So the one question is, where the hell have I been?

For one, university this term has been pretty brutal.  Last semester I did two modules (reading wise that was usually one article for Screen Shakespeares and two/ three for Alternatives to War) had one day of work placement (11-5 so 6 hours-ish every week), and had dissertation work on the side.  Busy but way manageable, so I had time to keep blogging, and even did a month of daily blogs and by January I felt good about keeping up the momentum.  This semester I   was doing three courses which were more intensive.  For American Civil War I had three+ articles each week which were roughly 25 pages+, and about 40 pages of primary reading, a module on Virginia Woolf which meant reading a novel every one-to-two weeks, as well as my Alternatives to War reading and dissertation work (which was continuing ideas-wise….less so on the reading/ writing front).  Because of this increased timetable, I couldn’t just do one day of work placement but spread the hours over two days so this in fact increased my hours worked to 10 hours a week.  I also wanted something of a social life and so continued the radio on a Sunday and meeting up with people for lunch etc.

And after all this, am I ready to leave uni behind me and never read an academic article again?  Nope.  I’m doing a Masters next year so I must be a sucker for punishment.

As you can see, I have been a wee bit busy and will continue to be up until June with two essay deadlines, two exams, and a dissertation to hand in! However, formal teaching has finished for the semester and I have finished my work placement so I will have some more down time to dedicate to writing (and working through my massive to-read pile which, despite me putting a hold on recreational reading for a while, has somehow managed to expand).  People say life is all about prioritising and although people say you will make time for what you want to do, sometimes that just isn’t possible or practical for you or your health.  I missed blogging but I would like to have a good degree and references more, as well as not having sleep deprivation.  Anyway, excuses over, and thank you for bearing with me through the chaos.

I have some post ideas already forming: a few book reviews (I finally managed to finish American Gods which I started way back in January), a trip to Germany in a week, a post all about my work placement and tips for those of you doing something similar alongside uni work, and a few more bits and bobs to throw in, so stick around, and I will back shortly (she says now, very hopefully…)