A mid-week post?  What is this madness?

Basically I didn’t want to wait another week to review this show and also it makes me feel less guilty about putting up two reviews in quick succession so please humour me!

I stumbled across this show mainly by accident but now I’ve finished it I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about it.  It’s one of the ones that when you watch it, you expect it to blow up immediately but so far, it seems the-back-to-real-life mentality has prevented people from binge watching.

Based on the novels by Douglas Adams and adapted by Max Landis, the show follows Todd Brotzman (Elijah Wood), a down-on-his-luck bell hop at a fancy hotel in Seattle.  His landlord violently breaks his car because he wants the rent money, he just got fired from his job, and when he goes to check on the penthouse suite, it looks like a scene from a horror film.  Then, as if things can’t get more strange, a yellow-jacketed stranger breaks into his apartment, claiming to be his best friend and world’s only holistic detective, Dirk Gently (Sam Barnett).  Together they have to solve the mystery of (and hopefully find) Lydia Spring, the daughter of millionaire Patrick Spring who has employed Dirk to solve the case.

Now I have to say I have not seen the 2010 UK version and so I went into this with no pre-conceptions, just a love of detective stories, and I Love this series, which is on UK Netflix at the moment.  There are a lot of plot strands and A Lot of characters so it really is made for binge-watching so everything is fresh in your mind as when I had a break between episodes I found it difficult to remember what I should know.  It is also one of those shows where you just need to know What Is Going On?!  The funny thing is most of the characters would love that too as no one really knows what is going on until the very end, which adds to the humour but also means that there can be straightforward explanations without it seeming out of character.

The amount of characters means that some characters get more characterisation than others but it is really amazing how many of the characters get fleshed out in this 8-part series.  Distinct character arcs emerge, or at least are beginning to form, which makes the upcoming second series all the more exciting and the way they can switch your feelings for certain characters is amazing.  None of the characters are perfect, healthy, happy people and I can’t wait to see their journeys.  Todd is exasperated and confused, and the start of the team’s journey is not an easy one.  Also Dirk, is for want of a better word, a Dork but an adorable, well-meaning one, and the scene where he confronts the operative from BlackWing is stunning because for all his playfulness, you can truly see the struggle he has to fit in.  And we need to talk about Amanda and Farah becoming the best crime-fighting duo the world has ever seen who fall in love along the way?? Please?? Someone??

The show is fun, happy, and silly on its surface despite all the madness and murder but as you delve deeper there’s a dark underbelly that pulls an emotive punch.  If you like stories where a rag-tag team of people come together to be family, this show has at least 3 sets of those for you, and the message seems to be that no one is perfect but that shouldn’t stop you from trying.  For every plot thread that is tied up however there’s so many more that are left unexplained and the cliffhanger ending was so good but also so bad.

I cannot wait for the next series and I highly recommend everyone watch it (if only so I have more people to freak out about it with)!