Woops.  May have missed another day again.  This time I have no excuse…

Day 22 took me on an epic dog walk with two of my friends from high school.  Although it’s easier to visit when we’re all at home, we don’t exactly live close so there was a pre-walk to the actual walk.

Where I live is very pretty and postcard-esque. Even the roundabouts.

Now they’re lucky they are cute, these pups of ours, as me and my friend were like two mothers.  “Put that down, stop doing that, leave him alone, DO NOT JUMP IN THAT PUDDLE… well no look what you’ve done.”  Diesel, my lovely labbie, proved he was still the greediest dog in the universe but also showed that over the years he’s perfected the puppy-face-head-tilt-lean-forward technique for gaining treats.

The mad pack defending us from a stranger…or maybe just our friend who was catching up to us

I think I may have  broken him though as he slept for about 11 hours straight afterwards.


Oh and it was nice to see the guys again I guess… Joking!  They are still the same level of mad and I wouldn’t have them any other way.

Today was  a day of attacking the house with dusters, hoovers, and enough blu-tac to re-sink the Titanic.  The problem with aforementioned hound is the fact that there are dog hairs EVERYWHERE.  You could make a secondary dog from the amount of fluff he’s left behind and despite my mum’s valiant efforts, there’s always a spot under the sofa or under the tv.  Even when you think you’ve hoovered somewhere, chances are that if you turn your back and then around again, there will be dog fluff there again.  However I have to say, I am proud of the living room and my bedroom which are the two rooms I tackled.  It just means I have to yell at anyone daring to enter them now so they don’t mess anything up.

The reason why the Christmas Clean was happening on the 23rd is because tomorrow, we are going to see It’s A Wonderful Life on the big screen!  It’s one of my favourite Christmas films and I cannot wait to see it snuggled in a cinema!  Also it’s the Grandma and Granddad Christmas Eve visit which is an annual tradition AND THEN ITS ONLY ONE MORE SLEEP.  *Ahem*  Sorry about that.

I will try and get a post up tomorrow but it’s likely a late one.  If not then Merry Christmas everyone!