It’s that time of year again, when you get to gloat about having a month of from uni and sit all day in bed watching Netflix.  Then in the last week you attempt to do 4 weeks worth of work into approximately five hours.  So to avoid this, it is time to work out a schedule.  As I have been through is rodeo a few times, I have a few hints to help you out and would love to hear if you have any in the comments below!  This is also why my posts haven’t been that exciting recently as I haven’t been doing anything but work which I might talk about in January when the deadline has been and gone and I can actually think about what I’m doing! 

1) Early to start, Early to rise-  Waking up early is no ones favourite but it will be so helpful both on making the most of the day and also when going back to university so those 9am’s don’t feel too torturous.   This also means starting now, as in the beginning of the holidays.  You may feel like you have loads of time but it’s amazing how little things add up, which brings me nicely to…

2) Timetable/ Lists are your friend- It is Christmas and Christmas generally means seeing family and going to events. As these generally mean an entire day is gone, that adds up to a lot of days when nothing is getting done.  Also somehow I left my calendar at uni so the first thing was to create a mini one just so I can properly visualise just how short the time span is.   Then I write all the stuff I want to do into a list and the hilight the stuff that is high priority ie deadline in January type of January. 

3) Put down the phone- You know how there’s always that one chat that just doesn’t stop? Like it seems every minute there’s a new message that might just be important so you might as well check and then it’s four hours later? I don’t do the whole ‘hide it’ thing but I do switch it onto silent and place it face down so I can’t see any updates coming up.  

4) Snackable Foods- The one thing that distracts me is wandering aimlessly through the kitchen, snacking on everything. I mean literal hours lost.  Therefore the logic is that if I keep drinks and snacks surrounding me at all times, I cannot waste time wandering around.  

5) Move Around- Both literally in the go outside type but also in the don’t study in the same place everyday, if only to give yourself a new piece of wall to stare at…