I am home for the holidays and as a result I cannot hide from adulting responsibilities  any longer.  You’d think I’d be able to forget about them as it’s the holidays but in fact, being under parental control again means that instead of just leaving something until tomorrow or just-getting-by, things have to be Done.

One of the things I have definitely been neglecting is the gym.  I know I am not in the best physical shape and I have managed to avoid it for quite a while at university.  But then I came home.  And now I have run out of excuses.  Also the gym that my family goes to was offering 12 Days of Christmas which basically means that you pay £24 and have to go every day for 12 days to get the money’s worth.

I have been for 2 days so far and it has been…enlightening.  I can’t run as far/fast as long as I could do 6 months ago.  I have left most of my gym stuff at university.  It’s cold out.  But I am going and I will continue to because if there’s one way to get me to do anything it’s for me to pay in advance.  I think its the Yorkshire in me.

It is one of my resolutions next year to get fitter, if only to stop my parents looking at me disapprovingly.  I have made this resolution for the past two years but third time lucky? Hopefully?  If not, at least once has to work, and if I start before Christmas at least I get a (literal) running start before the nose-dive of Christmas begins.

Also sorry for the short update- I was planning a different post but then time ran away with me and it was suddenly 21:30 and I hadn’t written anything.  I have a lot of time free tomorrow though so I should do something a bit more fun and Christmassy then!