It is officially Christmas.  Every year, the decorations go up, presents are put under the tree, and yet we are unable to properly celebrate until it is past the 18th December which is, as you may have guessed, my dad’s birthday.

He’s the difficult one to buy for, as there is in every family.  His problem is that if he sees something that he wants, he will buy it for himself without thought for how close to both his birthday and Christmas it is.  So basically what you have to do every year is think about things he won’t of thought of before.  Twice.   It’s a stressful time of year.  However I hope I’ve done well this year.  We’ve crossed one bridge: a camera you can clip onto your phone and it turns into a lens (thank you Casey Neistat for the idea and Amazon for having the offer).  Just one to go.

We had a walk with the dog, we went to a nice pub for lunch, we ate cake.  We made fun of my sister who two year ago made her dyspraxia apparent by reading 46 as 64, so this year he’s 84….It’s probably the first year where both of us kids are no longer kids, practically adults vaguely ready to take on the big bad world.  There’s a certain privilege of being older, of making jokes, and going places, and thinking more about the person who’s birthday it is.

In the world of birthdays, I’d think this was a good one.  Happy Birthday Dad!