Some small spoilers ahead…

As tensions rise between the Alliance and the Rebellion, a rag-tag team must band together to steal the plans for the Death Star and fight for the truth against all the odds.

Now I’m going to stay straight away that if you don’t like/ know anything about Star Wars this film is not for you.  I mean I would think it would be obvious, it’s tag line being ‘A Star Wars Story’ but I think if you wanted to simply see an action film there’s a bunch out now that would make more sense to see.  This is for fans of Star Wars, with lots of references both big and small to seek out.  I think without a base knowledge of the wider context the film would seem unfinished in some way and confusing in other parts but as a fan, its a perfect bridge.

I really liked Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso and Diego Luna as Cassian Andore, especially as they had a lot resting on their shoulders in terms of the Star Wars legacy but also making a film independent of that.   However my favourites had to be the team they amass along the way: K-2SO, the re-programmed filter-less Imperial droid, Bhodi the Imperial pilot turned good, and the duo Chirrut Îmwe and Baze Malbus.  If you like films where a reluctant team become something of a family, this is a good film for you.  Personally I would have liked a bit more back-story on some of these characters but due to time constraints it’s obvious why they weren’t included and it’s more just curiosity than anything majorly missing from the film.

My dad was a little surprised they didn’t include the iconic opening but I think it worked as a way of differentiating it from the main trilogies.  The actual fight scenes were amazingly done and I thought the tension building towards the end was done really well, especially as you sort of know what the ending is going to be, but you don’t exactly know how it’s going to be, if that makes sense.

Overall I really enjoyed it as a add-on film and it’s made me more excited to see Episode 9!