‘Should’ being the operative word for this post.  As you may have guessed I am currently packing up to leave my uni house for the winter break and it is going…fine

Start Early: You should at least have a rough idea when you are going home and so can start planning certain things.  Pack up stuff you want to take home and then muddle through with the few bits and bobs you can pack the last minute

REALITY: Look at the calendar.  See you have a week left.  Think it will be okay to leave for a while. Look at the calendar.  See you have a day left.  Double-take.  Panic!

Work out what your going to eat for the week: Make sure you clear out your fridge and check the cupboards for perishables.  No one wants to find mouldy bananas mid-January.

REALITY: Eat the contents of your fridge in one evening.  Feel ill but also self-righteous in the fact that you haven’t wasted anything.

Tidy Up the Day Before: Avoid rushing round like a headless chicken and start tidying up the day before you leave.  Have your washing up done and room hoovered to make you feel less anxious about your impending departure.

REALITY: Leave it till the morning of departure.  Realise you family will be here in 10 minutes to collect you.  Look round in despair.  Know that your family will realise how you have been living for 6 months.

Pack Light: You will not need all of your room with you! Only pack the essentials!

REALITY: Start trying to fit the entirety of your belongings into 2 small bags ‘just in case’ you need that hair curler (YOUR HAIR IS ALREADY CURLY! WHY DO YOU NEED THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE?)

Start getting excited for going home again: It may have been a week or months, it’s always nice to see family for the holidays.

REALITY: Yeah, this one can stay.