Today’s blog post was going to be about my work placement as it was my final day before the holidays and I thought I would do a “half-way” update on how it’s going, what I’m doing etc

However, my brain as decided it has had enough of today.   Basically after this sentence you can ignore this post because it contains, scientifically, jack shit.  I had a meeting straight away at work which was interesting but also meant I had to be On It and focussed right away.  Then when we got back to the office, I had a bunch of tasks to do which on there own are fairly small and easy to-do, but as a whole took up quite a bit of time.  Also there was something that I left last week to finish off and I nearly got there but I had to leave early as they were locking up the office.

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of work is actually just waiting for other people to email you back.  Currently there are about 6 things hovering in the ether waiting to be confirmed/denied/ signed off and there is absolutely nothing I can do about any of them.  Who designed this system? How does anything get done ever?

Then I had to do some reading for the last day of teaching tomorrow and I have to pack as my dad is coming down to pick up some stuff to take home and I need to make tea and I need to go to bed at a decent time and… etc etc etc

But I didn’t want to not post anything.  I’m hopefully seeing Rogue One tomorrow so that will probably be a review and then I’m going home and then it’s my dad’s birthday and a whole bunch of other exciting things so check back then.

For now have a nice evening/ morning/ other time frame.  Abi signing out