The Radio Star- do you get it? Because stars go on trees but also can mean someone well-known? I’ll see myself out.

This title doesn’t mean I think I’m well-known by any stretch of the imagination but over recent weeks I have been more involved in our student radio.  For example, last Thursday I spent 4 hours in the studio, recording four podcasts and two sketches.  On Saturday I spent an hour and a bit recording a spoof song for our show.  Then I was back on Sunday to do the last Showtime of the year, our musical-theatre show.  When you think that I only have a minor role in the studio, you can see how time-consuming being involved can be, if you want it to be.  But on the other hand, it is really rewarding to be able to be silly and end up with it on your CV at the end as an actual thing.

I basically managed to sneak my way into the radio in the first place.  My friend started there at the start of second year, starting aforementioned musical-theatre show and helping out with the Drama show, a 2 hour show that finishes an hour before ours starts.  As a dutiful (and slightly overbearing) friend, I happily share and sing the praises of the show, making my family listen.  We’ve always enjoyed a bit of musical theatre, the joyful absurdity and cheesiness being big selling points, although not as much as my friend’s family as I was soon to discover.   I rocked up in the Spring semester under the guise of being a guest for one episode…and never left.  Thus PR Abi was born, meaning I run the Twitter and generally am the hapless Alan Davis to my friend’s Stephen Fry/ Sandi Toksvig.  It’s made us much closer friends and I will always be grateful for that.

Since then I have done as I was told.  You need a person to fill in on the Drama Show? I’m there.  Recording a podcast? Sure I’ll be in it, but only for this episode (*goes on to be in the entirety of series 2 of said podcast including a few specials*).  Need someone to play Sue Perkins or Mariah Carey?  I’m your woman.  And yes those are roles I have played.  Both of them were done in the same accent, which happens to be my accent, which is vaguely Northern.  And I have so much fun being part of it.  It really is nonsensical ridiculousness at its finest (my parts I mean; I’m sure the rest of the station is very professional).

Basically this has turned into a thank you letter to my friend for letting me on that first show and the station for allowing the madness to continue.  I think because the year’s drawing to a close I’m feeling a bit retrospective but now I’m going to stop this silliness and simply say, if you want to enjoy more antics, listen to  (Yes we are aware it’s an unfortunate name; no we cannot change it).