Soooo technically my Blogmas Day 9 was uploaded today but seeing at it was 00:02, we’re going to pretend it was yesterday.  The reason I didn’t have chance to write and upload it sooner was because me and my friends went for a Birthday/Christmas Day Out.  There were many reasons for this day out: our friend turned 21 this week, she had my birthday present from August which she hadn’t given to me, my friend really wanted to do one of those locked-room mysteries, it’s nearly Christmas!

However, when looking we found a company called Cryptology which offered both locked-room mysteries or a mystery that sent you around the city which was something a bit different.  So we met up at noon on Saturday, mainly because we’d just been to a gig and needed to sleep as much as possible, all grumbling of aches and pains and lost voices.  We unanimously decided it was a good night.

Looking cute but inside this girl is exhausted

I was feeling quite optimistic for our chances, as well as slightly worried that it could all go horribly wrong.  Now the first mystery we encountered was the door to the place.  There were two intercoms, a doorbell, and no indication of which you should use.  It was while we were pondering just trying one and hoping that one of my friend’s pipes up: “So what are we actually doing?”  Suddenly I felt less optimistic.

Once we’d worked out how to get the door open, we were handed a clipboard with some instructions and sent on our merry way.  Easy.  However, when we signed up for this, we hadn’t factored in the Christmas market on a Saturday.  It. Was. Chaos.  At several moments it looked like we wouldn’t get through the first page without losing someone.  But despite this extra challenge, the actual mystery tour was really good fun.  It’s amazing how you can live in a city without actually seeing it or noticing certain aspects.  For example, I knew that there was a Castle and it was always a vague thing to-do but I just never got round to it.  We also saw some fancy houses, a mystery tunnel which none of us had even heard of before (made much more interesting after we realised we were not in fact being kidnapped), a walk through a cemetery, and we got to feed the ducks which I was very excited about as it reminded me of home and walking the dog around the duck pond.  I also got to hold the clipboard which made me feel very important and to be honest that’s all I ever want.

I just thought these buildings were so pretty, like dolls houses come to life

However all good things must come to an end and we triumphantly handed in our clipboard at the end feeling a bit tired but mostly happy.  We were handed a certificate and a mystery to take away which we are still attempting to solve.  Look, we can spot road signs and do simple maths (although I did defiantly say this at one point only for my friend to point out I’d written 10 rather than 100), but some things require more sleep to work out.

We then popped into the student radio studio to quickly record something for our show on Sunday.  It’s a re-write of You’ll Be Back from Hamilton to say We’ll Be Back (after January).  The song is amazingly written and edited by my friend and co-host but oh my god, my voice is so bad.  Hopefully only my parents will be listening and they have to love me unconditionally so I’m safe there.  Also the head of the station walked in as soon as I was about to start singing and I immediately stopped to avoid embarrassing myself even further.  But there was no time to dwell on the impossibility that is Jonathan Groff’s voice, as there was strictly to watch and food to make.  I’d promised at the beginning of the semester that I would make Toad in the Hole for both of them annnnnd I still hadn’t gotten round to it.  So we hurried through the rain that was tipping down to my friend’s house and I spent a lot of time hovering around furniture rather than sitting on it because of my sopping jeans.  There’s something about cooking that is very calming for me.  There are instructions to follow and a sense of achievement at the end and also you end up with a meal at the end.  It was at this point my friend pipped up again: ‘What are we having?’  Sometimes I wonder how we manage to have conversations at all.

We watched strictly and then swapped presents.  I am very lucky that my friends are so awesome and know me very well.  I ended up with one of the reindeer from the Lincoln Christmas Market (still called Benji), a pocket-watch with the Hogwarts Coat of Arms, a Defying Gravity necklace, 642 Things to Write About, and How to Write a Radio Drama.  With the last two, I think my friend is trying to tell me something…  Caterpillar Cake was served as per request from my friend who has been craving Caterpillar Cake all year and we all bunched up to watch Arthur Christmas.  One of my friends had never seen it before which is a crime against Christmas, whereas me and my other friend spent the entire film quoting every other line (‘There’s always time for a bow’, ‘That’s a Steam Train you ninny’, ‘Do you want to wake the entire North Pole? ‘Great idea! A CHILD’S BEEN MISSED!’).  I’m sure it was an interesting experience.

Then the day was done and I raced home to write yesterday’s post.  It was a great day and I left it feeling very grateful for my friends and the city I have found myself in.