Well where to begin? (The beginning dopey, the beginning is where you begin). 

Yesterday was A Day.  The plan was simple: go to my work placement, leave at 5, get the bus back home, quick change, go to a friends house, go to the Media Ball, sit with friend, have lovely meal, dance a bit, home in time to sleep and get up for a 9am. 

The Media Ball is an annual event for the student media teams, so TV, Magazine, Theatre, and my team, Radio.  I hadn’t been before but had heard amazing things so was pretty excited but there was also the worry of not knowing anyone.  As the show I am on is on Sunday evenings, I only see a few people and don’t really hang round long enough to chat.  

Tha actual day: it started off well.  I had a lot of stuff to do at work but was fairly confident I could get everything done in time.  Also I was told I could leave slightly earlier to beat the traffic.  Then the printer broke and all hell broke loose. Instead of writing two words max, I was suddenly having to write out an entire paragraph and make sure all the addresses were correct and it all got rather out of hand.  Then as I thought I was reaching the end, I had to put our address on the backs of the envelopes. There were a lot of envelopes. It was nearly 5 and I ran out the door…straight into the biggest queue for a bus I’ve ever seen.  It took 40 minutes to get home rather than the projected 20 which meant I had to glam myself up in under 10 minutes.  The result was quite messy but I think for the time limit I should be proud of myself (despite the fact I tried to put my dress on 3 times without putting a bra on first). 

Don’t know why I though eyes closed was a good look but there you go

I then go to get a bus, texting my friend that I was sorry for being late but I was on my way.  Apart from I was not.  I was on the wrong bus.  Leap off bus in a place I don’t know and call an uber.  Jump into car, go to friends, pretend the bus was just late.  Everything is fine.  

Then run to another friends house to meet up with the group we were going with, and to another bloody bus.  This one was fine though.  We sang You’ll Be Back and hoped for show tunes.  (Spoiler alert: no show tunes). Now I would like to take a moment to admire Pitcher and Paino, the venue. Beautiful.  

Pitcher is based in an old church. It’s pretty awesome.

Now among all the anxiety surrounding actually getting to the thing, I hadn’t had time to panic about  not knowing anyone, specifically the seating plan.  My friend was on committee and somehow I hadn’t factored this in to my calculations.  We were basically sat across the room from each other.  Luckily there were about 6 people from the radio bunched at the end of a to table and they were so nice! I knew a few of them as they were part of the Sunday show before mine but the others were new people and they were a lot of fun.  Although at times my residual fears over fitting in crept up, for the most part I was able to just relax.  Also the food was great , turkey dinner and chocolate cheesecake for dessert but only one pig in blanket? Multiple brussel sprouts? Come on guys.  

Then I danced and chatted and basically felt like a real grown up.   Well apart from the party blower war that apparently centred around our table.  But other than that…

At 12 I left to go and catch a bus.  My feet were killing from my darling heels (so pretty, so vicious) and it was 10 minutes until the next bus was coming round.   There was an incident with a creepy taxi driver who basically insisted to know where I was going depsite my assurances I was getting the bus and the fact I may have ruined my tights by taking my shoes off for the last walk home but I am termites not to let them spoil the memories of the night.  

I got back home at 1 and even managed to get to my 9am.  Fear my magical powers.  

Right now I am going to dream of napping while actually going to record some things for the radio.  Tomorrow is Frank Turner which should be awesome but I also need to get some work done, so have a great day guys and I will see you tomorrow.