Okay so yesterday was A Day and so I didn’t get a chance to post anything: will promise to do better from now on.  Today I thought I’d quickly zip through my top 5 Christmas films and then have a little chat about festive tunes.

FILMS: This is alphabetical order because making me chose between these would be like making me choose between children.  My family has a set

  1. Arthur Christmas– If you have not seen this film, I feel you do not yet possess the full Christmas spirit.  Funny, heart-warming, a fantastic voice cast, an original plot that retains all the hallmarks of Christmas.  It is endlessly quotable (There’s always time for a bow!) and it makes me feel very, very happy.
  2. The Grinch– A modern classic.  Jim Carrey.  Me and my family spend the entirety of December quoting it (especially for some reason, Hate, Hate, Double Hate, Loathe Entirely).
  3. The Holiday– I am a sucker for a good rom-com (and even a bad rom-com).  I know it fuels a lot of false expectations in my life but I really love the screen-writing storyline in it, and no one can stop me.
  4. It’s A Wonderful Life– I mean, I know I said I wouldn’t put them in order but possibly the greatest Christmas film of forever.  It makes me feel warm, uplifted, and like I faith in humanity again, which this year we may need more than ever.  Also Mary is kick-ass and has one of my favourite lines.  George arrives and is being irritating and cold and then her mother calls down about what they’re up to.  Her response? ‘He’s making violent love to me mother.’  Scandalous.
  5. Miracle of 34th Street– It’s another classic and another one that make you feel that humanity maybe isn’t so bad.  You can’t go a year without watching this one.

Honorary mention: I fucking love the Nightmare Before Christmas.  It is one of my all time favourite films ever.  That being said, I would place it closer to being a Halloween/ run up to Christmas film in my mind, rather than a Christmas film.  You can get away with watching it in November.  Arthur Christmas? Not so much (not that it stops us).   Also Deck the Halls which is a silly one and I know it is, and yet, here we are.  I know most people would pick Elf for this slot but we don’t own that one and so it is only watched as and when it’s on TV.  Deck the Halls, for those of you unaware, stars Matthew Broderick, Danny DeVito and Kristen fricking Chenoweth and is about a fight over Christmas lights.  It is as dumb as it sounds, I know most people would think it was awful, but for my family it’s part of Christmas.

N/A: If Die Hard gets to be a honorary Christmas film could you make the same argument for Bridget Jones as it always starts and ends at Christmas time?  No? Anyone? Okay, I’ll see myself out.


Now I was going to do a top 5 but then I realised something.  For the past few years, all we have listened to is whatever new music we received for Christmas, Frank Sinatra’s Christmas CD, and the ever lovely Mr Michael Buble of course.  To this we can add Leslie Odum Jr’s sublime new CD which is getting thrown into the mix this year for sure.

However music that reminds me of winter is the Killers, as my mum has a story about driving to work in the snow with Mr Brightside blasting out, and the aptly names Snow Patrol.  They’re two of my favourite bands anyway but something about them makes me feel ready for the wintry weather.

Now as I missed yesterday and it’s looking like I will be super busy tomorrow I will say hopefully see you tomorrow and have a good day till then!