To settle this: I like decorations.  I personally like if a house looks like an explosion in a tinsel factory and has enough lights on it to flag down passing planes, although I draw the line at inflatable snowmen and the like.  In the day they may seem cute but at night, those things are terrifying if you aren’t expecting them.  But I digress.

I feel festive when I can see festivity in my house.  The tree, the garlands, tinsel, Christmas cards, all of them scream that this is something worth celebrating.  However, decorating while at university can be hard.  If, like me, you are planning to move out and not stay in the same house, you don’t want to spend money on house decorations only for them to be claimed by someone else when it comes to move.  Plus it feels like in some places you can only buy decorations in industrial sizes which is fine if you are attempting to jazz up Buckingham Palace for the big day, but less so a tiny attic room which is only just not bursting from the amount of stuff already piled inside.

But I have found some ways of festivising small corners of my room so here we go:


This cutie was sent to me by my mum and is a two-in-one Christmas treat.  It is both a Christmas card and an advent calendar, which as you can see I have had fun opening each morning.  It has been propped up on my desk for now and I have to say my fav feature is the little boots.  They are adorable!

Credit to Phoneix Trading and Lorraine Duff who did the design.

Sorry for the bad quality guys!

Now I picked up these two at Lincoln Christmas Market (see yesterday’s post for more details!) They were presented together in the stall and I knew as soon as I saw them together I had to have them.  I haven’t been a huge follower of the rose-gold band wagon but for these two I could see the appeal.  As you might be able to tell the reindeer is supposed to be a bauble but I think it works equally as well as a simple shelf ornament.  The other one is supposed to be a candle-holder but could also work as a general pot to put things in or as a tumbler for a sneaky drink or two!


I mean, can you get more festive or cute? He’s wearing a scarf for crying out loud! Nuff said.


Essentially what you can see here is me using my wardrobe to its full potential.  This advent calendar was in fact coloured-in for me by my friend Ella and it is as adorable in real life as it is on screen. The other two are a glitzy handbag which is going to be part of my ‘Christmas Party’ look, which is serving as a de facto decoration while not in use.  The other is the most festive of my Christmas jumpers which I have traditionally worn on December 1st for a few years now.  It originally came from River Island and is one of the comfiest things I own.  I would spend the entirety of winter in it if I could.

And that is it.  When I go home for the holidays, I will do a contrast piece on what my actual house looks like while in Christmas mode so stay tuned for that.  I’d love to know how you are making your rooms look good for the holidays, and whether or not you are pro- or anti- buying Christmas decorations with your housemates so leave a comment below.  Until tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day.