Yesterday was the first of December and what better way to kick off Christmas but with a Christmas market?  And not just a Christmas market, but one of the best in the country I had been told.  Lincoln council even has a Christmas market officer.  That’s how seriously this taken people.

One of my friends called Ella is from Lincoln so that was accommodation sorted and we and my other friend Freya bundled up, grabbed our bags, and spent an hour annoying people on the train (unintentionally of course).  In all this excitement I forgot to check my phone and when I had  a quick check I discovered I had won Vintage Books giveaway for that day, the prize being this gorgeous copy of Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf  *starts singing Happy Christmas To Me.  What do you mean it’s not a real song?*


Then it was onwards to the Christmas market.  I’ve visited Lincoln a few times now but had never attempted to infamous Steep Hill, so named, well…because it is steep and a hill.  In high school I had to walk up and down hills every day, twice a day for about 7 years so I felt pretty confident in my ability to tackle it but I have to say  Ella can power walk.  It was like following a very polite mountain goat as me and Freya rushed to keep pace.  But it wasn’t long before our prize was in sight: the market.

The snappily titled Steep Hill.  Apologises for the blurry photo but we had places to go, food to eat, and Christmas tat to buy!

My mum had said the market was practically a walking tour of Lincoln and she was pretty much spot on.  A few helpful tips would be to bring your own bag, wear sensible shoes to walk in, and only bring as much cash as you want to spend.  I saw many a thing that I instinctively wanted to grab (for example a tartan reindeer I christened Benji) but I resisted as I wanted to save my funds for exactly the right things.

We picked Thursday for a special reason and it wasn’t just that it was the start of Christmas month.  Thursday is generally the less busy day but as you will see from these photos, it was still crazy.  I can’t even imagine what it would be like on Saturday!  Also a quick note to the two women who wandered in front of me: you do not need to clutch onto each other.  In fact, instead of making it easier, you are making life a lot more difficult for everyone involved.  Please reconsider all choices, thank you.

*sung to the tune of Park Life* All the people, so many people, they all go hand in hand, please get out of my way…

I didn’t get any pictures of the stalls themselves, mainly because of the aforementioned crowds, but they were so cute.  There was a real mix of decorative items, toys, knit-wear, jewellery, and food.  Let’s talk about the food for a minute.  Bratwurst= A+.  The Bakery Doughnuts and Eclair? First Class, would eat again for the rest of my life, please and thank you.   As we walked through Ella was able to tell us about the informal different sections: General Items, Food, General Tat, Homemade Crafts, the Medieval section, Random other things that didn’t have a place elsewhere, and it was really useful to have her as a guide.  I wouldn’t have fancied my chances of seeing everything had I just been by myself.

We also had a chance to go into Lincoln’s pride and joy, the Cathedral and boy oh boy, was it pretty.  I’m not sure the pictures can accurately convey how amazing it looked, especially at night, but it was gorgeous.  Also as a history geek, I loved hearing all the little facts and feature points, especially about the Imp…

Look how pretty!
Imp not featured…

I’m thinking of showing off my purchases in another ‘Christmas decorations’ post BUT I will tell you about the book I picked up.  Because of course I managed to find my way into a book shop.  Of course.  It’s called The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley and it’s her debut novel which came out in paperback this year.  The general premise is there is a man named Thaniel who has been given a watch, a woman named Grace desperate to chase science and escape her mother, and a watchmaker.  I’ve only read about 20 pages but I. Am. Hooked.


The market was wonderful and I would recommend trying to go if you can.  It was a lovely way to spend an evening, especially with two of my closest friends (even though I am now apparently stuck with them bobbing every time they meet, in honour of Ella’s Dad’s Theatre group’s rendition of some Christmas carols [Bracket within a bracket! Also how many apostrophes?]).

I hope you have enjoyed this post and let me know about the Christmas markets near you.  Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow for day 3!