Over the course of today I am guessing that there will be 100s if not 1000s of Vlogmas videos uploaded today.  So this year I wanted to get in on the action but as I am a fledging lay blogger instead off vlogger, I am doing Blogmas.  

Basically every day up till Christmas I will be uploading a blog post all centred around Christmas and the holidays in general.  Expect day-in-the-lifes if I do something paticularly exciting (for example today I’m going to Lincoln Christmas Market), lists of my favourite Christmas based things (Best Films, Books, Food etc), how-to-guides and whatever else crosses my mind.  

Christmas is one of my favourite holidays. Sitting warm and cosy inside while the weather outside does indeed get frightful, eating my own weight several times over with some of the BEST food, watching films which are uplifting and heart warming, and of course, the Michael Buble Christmas album. Christmas for me is a time to finally getting round to seeing the members of my ever expanding family who I don’t see much during the year and being able to get away with the regular stock answers (yes uni’s fine, I know third year’s so scary, where has the time gone, please do tell me the embarrasing story of my parents when they were younger). 

So from me to you, festive greetings one and all. I hope you enjoy this series (and hope I can keep up with it) and you all have a holly jolly holidays.