Okay, so let’s talk about that election.

I’ve been trying to work out what I want to say and failing so this is going to be a bit stream of conciousness and may not have a point.  I have debated writing this post.  On the one hand, I’m not American.  On the other I am a decent human being and the whole world is affected by American politics whether it be in the real world or a virtual one.  Also I didn’t feel like I could just not say anything and blog about the other parts of my life.  It would be like focussing on a daisy with a forest fire right behind you.

Post-Brexit I was angry.  I was seethingly furious, frightened, and horrified.  I still am to a great extent because no one seems to know what the hell they’re doing but then the US election started happening and I dared again to hope.  A stupid decision really considering the utter ball ache 2016 has been so far in the wider scheme of things.

To the people that are angry, use that anger.  I know most of you are already, I see it online and I know that it hurts.  I know that it burns and that it brands you but you are not alone in this.  Look to the peaceful protests and know that that wave of feeling is coursing through every one of those people marching.

To the people that are scared and lost, know there are people out there that love you and want to help you and are going to help you.  This is a time for no more empty promises, no more fanfare without the fight.  It can’t afford to be.

To those who feel like they’ve won, I’ll remind you that no one, in the history of the known universe has ever calmed down when told to calm down.  To those telling us to respect a misogynist and racist, know that he will not gain one iota of respect until he shows he deserves some, which I’m 100% will never surface.  To those that think you wouldn’t react in the same way, you would, especially in a race that has been so hotly contested and charged with such vile rhetoric I’m ashamed at what people will read about it in the future.

I have never been in an election where my candidate has won. I hope against all hopes in the future that will change.  I don’t want this generation to be stuck in a quagmire of hopelessness.

A lot of people have said this so I’ll just quickly reiterate here: Take a minute.  Take an hour.  Take a day.  Take a week.  Mourn.  Fury.  Despair.

Other people have also been calling for people to start local.  Change can happen one person at a time.  So talk to your friends.  Talk to your family.  Talk to anyone you can and listen, whoever and whichever way they voted for.  Get involved in a club or society or organisation you care about and which is doing good for that community.

I am lucky I have a placement at a small arts organisation where I am living.  On the day we found out the result I went in to work and although we stood together and despaired and railed against the system, the fact there were people there to turn to was comforting.  The fact it is helping writers of all ages to use their voice, helping minorities to be heard, helping drive a new generation of creative, conscious people is amazing.  Astonishing in fact in a day and age where the creative industries are hounded as something lesser.  And it gave me hope.  Stupid maybe, but hope nonetheless.

I have a feeling we’re going to need a lot of it and as it’s in short supply right now, I’ll take whatever I can get.

Be safe.  Be careful.  If you can, be active.  Your voice is precious and at the moment, necessary.