So you know how I said last week that this week would be busy? Yeah, severely understated that one.  This past week has been full of those just-in-time moments which now seem great, but at the time nearly gave me a heart attack.    Let’s jump into it shall we?

Monday: This was a fairly normal day which meant 9-5 but no unexpected surprises.  Basically it was a catch up day of doing Thursday’s readings and making sure I was booked onto the right train home.  We watched Julius Caesar (2012) in Screen Shakespeare’s and as a person who likes National Theatre Live, I really enjoyed the mix of theatre and film.

Tuesday: Good news: I managed to get back to Sign Language this week!  Bad news: I forgot to look on the Facebook Page and it started an hour later than usual! If you want a creepy experience, hang about in the Trent building after hours.  The old stone walls and general feel of abandonment makes it feel like a horror film is just around the corner.  But we went and it was amazing.  This was a catch up session so while I had the alphabet down-pat, my knowledge of numbers, days, and months was not up to scratch.  In fact my numbers need severe work.  At the moment it just looks like I’m getting hand cramp, especially while trying to do the number 17.


Wednesday: And let the madness begin.  At 10am I had a dissertation meeting.  They are going okay but as my supervisor is quiet and I panic in quiet situations, our meetings are quite a stressful experience for me.  (I spend most of the time thinking ‘WHAT DO YOU WANT? IS THIS OKAY? ANYTHING? NO?’). That was over by 10:30 and I’d managed to work myself up into a tizzy of ‘There is no way. Can do a dissertations, who was I kidding, aghhhhh’.   By the time this had passed it was time to go and annoy my Showtime co-host and friend in her radio office hours and we spent a couple of hours chatting and devising plans.  Then I went home, got changed and was on the bus into town to meet aforementioned friends.  We went to the Continental Market (pictured below) which was cute but without many things that interested me.  one stall was full of jewellery however and I badly wanted the Hufflepuff pocket watch.  It was so cute!  It was at this point we realised we needed to be at Pizza Express and ran in trying to not look like we’d run up the street.  After a lot of pizza we then ran (again) over to the Theatre Royal to watch The Producers! Me and my friend are personally huge fans of the show (mainly because it’s Nathan Lane.  NATHAN LANE) and so getting to see it live together was a really nice experience (even if I did distract her all the way through by mouthing along to Betrayed.  I think my version is pretty excellent).  Also my other friend had not seen the show before and so it was…an experience for her, but she loved it so everything worked out perfectly.

Thursday: Another 9am, another seminar.  This time in the company of a neon pink duffel bag with all my things for home in it.  Why I thought I would need all that stuff I have no idea but it certainly drew attention.  I had 4 hours of back-to-back uni things that morning before I ran (again again) across campus, grabbed some lunch, and caught the bus into town. This of course meant I turned up way too early for my train but after asking a man in a hi-vis vest, I managed to catch an earlier train (hopefully he worked for the train station and was not just an enthusiast).  At this point I had texted my dad my earlier plans and he asked whether or not I wanted to see Doctor Strange.  It was on at the cinema me at the top of Leeds City Centre at 16:15 which by dad logic means it starts at 16:35.   My train arrived at 16:00. It was possible.  Of course my train didn’t arrive until 16:20.  We bolted across town, parked and ran (again, again, again) to the cinema.  We ran up the stairs, politely bypassed some people on the escalators and managed to get some tickets as the woman said it was just starting.  But there was a problem.  I really needed the loo.  I scattered at least one fairly in my rush to have the quickest wee known to human kind.  I had resigned myself to missing the opening scene. I creep into the cinema and glanced up at the screen and was greeted by… Jennifer Aniston selling plane tickets.  Then Mark Strong’s was telling us to turn off our phones and I realised.  We had made it. I’m going to make a longer post about the film (she says) but overall I thought it was pretty good.   After this we wandered over to Waterstones for one of the reasons I was I was in Leeds.  We went to see My Dad Wrote A Porno Live.  Yes you read that right.  It’s an amazing, hilarious podcast you should definitely check it.  Also James, Jamie and Alice were all really lovely, even though they were slightly concerned I had turned up with my own dad.  This was until I pointed out Jamie’s situation was way, way weirder.  Back home we watched The Apprentice and I fell asleep.


Friday: This was a day of trying to fit all my weekend work into one day.  I thin I did fairly well but it doesn’t make interesting reading here.  I also had my eyebrows done (they have a mind of their own) and went round Morrisons with Mum.  I basically yammered the entire way round so as a catch up it went very well.


Saturday:  And now for the second reason I was back home.  My great-uncle Leslie celebrated his 50th Wedding Anniversary to his wife Margaret and we were invited along to a dinner.  It was at a place called The Box in stone Spa, which looked like it was an old chemist going by the décor.  The food was gorgeous and I found out I really liked spiced pumpkin soup (does this make up for the fact I don’t like coffee and therefore will never have a PSL?). Me and mum happened to be sat near two ladies named Shelia and Janet who used to work with Margaret and they had some awesome stories to tell.  Basically because of their work they used to go around the world, from Belfast during the riots to countries in Africa, and seemed to be jetting off every weekend still for mini-breaks in retirement.  Janet also produced an I-pad from her bag (a la Mary Poppins) and showed us pictures of 1920s dresses that were in a show in London and basically I had a really great time talking to both of them.   Afterwards my mum said she was proud of me and the way I could hold a conversation and, as well as feeling like an 18th century debutante at court, I felt very happy I had done her round.

Sunday: This one contains another lunch.  The rule about students going home to be feed is definitely true of this trip.  My mum and dad dropped me back in Nottingham and we went round the corner to meet my auntie and uncle at a place called The Wollaton.  A typical Sunday Roast followed and I had to be rolled out and back to my house.  After I managed to stop mum from cleaning every surface she could Ge to and waved them away, I had the task of unpacking.  How I came back with more than I went home with I will never know but after that was done I sat around and watched Brooklyn 99, trying to decompress from such focussed social activity.  Then it was Showtime and we danced our way through a Halloween episode.  There was just one technical hitch when E was fixing the levels and accidently went on air but other than that there were no major disasters.  Also the head of station knows my name.  It was a big moment.


Thus ends my busy week.  None of the upcoming weeks look quite this jam packed but there is always something to do and so the pace doesn’t seem to be letting up.  I would’ve have it any other way though (at least not from the comfort of where I’m typing this in my room with little current pressure other than watching tv).