This is St Mary’s Church in the Lace Market, Nottingham.  I’ve never explored the Lace Market properly but it looks very cool and very cute and reminded me of Montreal a lot.    

Another week has flown by and it’s another week where this is going up later than planned.  This week was basically a trial week for the madness of next week and pretty much the entirety of November and I think it went okay?  We’ll see if I can keep up the pace over the next few weeks but I promised myself I would keep blogging and here I am.  So without further ado, here was my last week:

Monday: This was a day for getting things sorted.  I had a few things going on this week that required being certain places at certain times which meant seminar reading had to be jostled and stuffed in wherever it would fit.  We watched Richard III (1995) in Screen Shakespeare’s which I really liked and think I might write about for my essay.  Originally a stage production, it was transferred to the big screen in a blockbustery, 1930s style whirlwind.  Also spoiler alert: Robert Downey Junior gets stabbed and it is shocking and funny at the same time.

The only downside was the two people wittering on behind me who clearly hadn’t read the text and so decided to give everyone around them a running commentary on their every thought and opinion throughout the film.  Annoying!

Tuesday:  I went to a social, which a) I nearly forgot about until it was mentioned to me on Monday and b) wasn’t actually part of the group going to the social but was invited anyway.  I was a bit nervous as I didn’t know a lot of the people very well but there weren’t too many people there and most people only knew one or two others so as a group we did quite well mingling.  We were all pretty bad at bowling which helped apart from one guy whose technique of throwing the ball and then walking away not only gained him multiple strikes but also made him look quite badass.  He then complained about only getting one turn.  We all stared at him because seriously?! Then a professional team came to play next to us and when I went up for my turn, the guy next to me threw the ball with such force that I jumped and dropped mine.  Needless to say not my finest hour.

Wednesday: I am studying the American Civil War next semester and so our tutor said we should go and check out this special lecture going on.  The lecture was taken by Manisha Sinha,  the Draper Chair in American History at the University of Connecticut and a world-leading expert in the field of Abolition.  Her new book, ‘The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition’ has already changed the field, linking together the previously-disperete fields of Slave Rebellions and Aboliton Groups.  Her talk was really interesting and I would love to read the book and discover more (however Amazon is saying it’s $26 and as a student, I may be waiting to see if the library stocks it soon).  

Thursday: I had been trying to ignore Thursday.  Not only did I have 4 hours of back-to-back lectures starting at 9 and finishing at 1, but at 2:30pm I had an interview.  Now the lectures were fine, including the memorable moment a girl asked whether or not Lady Anne of Richard III fame was actually an American, leading the seminar tutor to explain that America had not yet been colonised by Europeans and so no.  No she was not.  The previous evening I had verified with my friends and mum my outfit choice (Strappy dress was too formal, Copper top too dressy, formal jumper and jeans combo decided).  I just had to get through the interview.

When I am nervous, like most people, I have a few quirks.  These include rubbing my nose, trouble sitting still, and talking a lot and Loudly.  As in shouting levels.  I have to say, the interviewers were lovely and laughed at the few little jokes I made because once I make people laugh, I tend to relax a little.  I was asked what books I enjoyed reading and in my head thought ‘Do you have all evening?!’ (I answered with something about Modernist writers and then about the new Miranda Hart book currently on my night-stand).  I also plugged the radio show I co-host (Showtime, 6-7pm, URN)!  It all happened in 30 minutes and then I was on the bus back home.

Somehow this must have been endearing as I was offered the placement! I found this out on Monday and spent the rest of lecture grinning wildly (which may of scared some people daring to make eye contact).

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Much like Monday, these were prep days.   The day I am writing this (Tuesday) is the last day before everything sets off at the speed of a freight train.  I have theatre shows to see, Dissertation meetings to muddle through, Home to visit, Lunches to attend and a great deal of other things to do, all while doing all the regular work that uni expects, as well as prepping for assessment season in November. So that’s what I spent those days doing. Making lists, packing bags, and ensuring that everything was in a halfway decent state of readiness.  Only this week will tell if it all goes smoothly however, so you’re going to have to tune in next time to see the outcome!

(Was that a cliffhanger?  A small one but still, cliffhanger!)


Wisdom for Today:

Sleep deprivation will not help you with your readings, but will keep you up-to-date on your friends socks in bed-no socks debate, and really, honestly  what’s more important?