My aim upon starting this blog was to document my third (and final) year of my undergraduate degree.  The plan was that at the end of every week, I would sit down and reflect about that week and upload a post about all the things I’d done and any weird or wonderful goings-on on campus.  As well as that I could record all the new and exciting things I’d learned which would hopefully be interesting to someone out there in the big wide world.

Yeah right.

These past two weeks have been crazy but I am finally here to tell you all about the madness.

For those eagle-eyed among you, you may notice week 2 is missing.  That’s because it’s basically summed up in my ‘Abi Feels Old‘ post.  I sold tickets to freshers, met up to discuss some exciting writing things with friends, did some volunteering for societies, babysat, and tried to get ready for the actual start of term.

Week 3-4: And Begin!

You would have thought I’d be use to first weeks of term by now, what with 16 years of experience and yet every new term is a surprise.

On the Sunday 2nd we had our first URN Showtime show of the year where we set the bar really high content-wise- meaning it was a little bit of a rambling disaster but it was out disaster.  Also the Head of Speech said it was his favourite show which clearly tells you something about the standard of Speech shows.  Then we jumped into recording the next show as my wonderful co-host was out of town the next weekend.  Of course someone was in the studio recording and so, being British, we waited an hour to not cause a fuss.  Then the lights were fading in and out like a slow emergency warning on a submarine, two people were given a tour by a member of the station, y co-host was declared ‘strange’ by the band playing in the bar next door and we discovered ALL THE TECH PEOPLE ARE THE SAME PERSON.  Exact same mannerisms, same voice, same sarcasm.  It was scary.  We recorded in the dark and I sang all the words to the Elephant Love Medley.  The glitz and glamour of show-business right there for you ladies and gentlemen.

The actual week began with a 9am in the Coates Building.  Little known fact: the Coates building was built by the same architects that did the labyrinth.  The uni loses 6 people a year to that building.  It’s very hush-hush. (Note: these may not be truthful statements). I just about managed to find my way through and the actual lecture (Alternatives to War) wasn’t bad.  Instead of lectures proper, this year things are more seminar based and the fact the professor managed to get a group of students talking at 9am in the morning was very impressive.  We also managed to find out that it is possible to ride an ostrich and that people like to lie about playing lacrosse.  Who knew?

My other subject is Screen Shakespeares which apparently the whole year group is doing based on the amount of people in the lecture.  The actual topic is super interesting and I’m hoping to write a lot more on specifics here on this very blog, so keep an eye out for that!

Most of the rest of the week was taken up with reading, watching, and basically trying to feel like I wasn’t falling behind already, as well as fitting in the gym and a social life.  Reluctantly I went to a URN social because I’d already told E I would go.  This was about the time my cold was kicking in and I wasn’t feeling too great but I went and had a really good time.  I didn’t even need to stay that long which I count as a win!

This past Tuesday I went to a Sign Language taster session with another friend.  It was planned very last minute so I wasn’t quite sure what I was walking into but I really enjoyed it! I can now sign the alphabet and say My Name is Abigail which feels pretty awesome and I’m definitely going next week to learn some more.

The past two weekends I’ve also been babysitting my cousins who live in a suburb of the city and so I have spent a while on their sofa watching tv and revelling in the fact it’s on a screen bigger than a laptop.  On the 8th I launched myself into town for an impromptu meet-up with an old friend who’s birthday had been on Monday and we caught up on general life things, discussed Bake Off and Strictly, and went to buy more books than I can really afford (some things are worth it though)!

Fast forward to this weekend, I was back in town and went to see Million Dollar Quartet with the co-host and her mum.  All we knew going in was that it was based on old rock and roll songs, specifically the night Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Carl Perkins were all in the studio together in 1956.  What we ended up with was the best concert I’ve ever been too, a need to go to a 50s diner immediately, and a crush on the entire cast.  It was amazing and wonderful and I encourage everyone to go and see it.

There was also the Other Thing.  The Big Thing.  The Dissertation Thing.  I had a meeting with my supervisor that left me with ultimate ‘Please the Teacher’ syndrome, and we all had a workshop that sent a lot of us into a tail-spin of panic.  The main problem is finding time to work on it as I quite like having dedicated time to really sink my teeth into the literature (not literally obviously, that sort of thing gets you kicked out the library pretty fast).  However a dissertation does not work with what you would like and so any scrap moment from now on will be spent reading bits and pieces of academia and figuring out what the hell I want to write and how I’m going to do it.

I’d also like to take a moment to say how much time can be spent planning things for the future.  I have an extra lecture, The Producers musical, an interview, and several meetings all pencilled in.  The last week in October is going to be a mad, fun, terrifying riot, I’m telling you know.

So that was the past two weeks! I hope you enjoyed hearing about the snippets of my life and hopefully see you again next time.

Wisdom for Today: 

If Prince Ali from Aladdin is stuck in your head, abandon all hope.  It will be stuck there as long as it likes and will not cease a minute earlier.